App Marketing Services:

An integral part of our daily life is the use of applications. The first thing in the morning a person does is checks his phone and opens an app and scrolls for several minutes. According to research, today, human beings spend around 3.5 hours of their daily time using applications on the phone. Not only do adults use applications, but kids need them as a daily routine for entertainment and education. As of 2020, there are 2.2 million applications on the Apple app store and 2.8 million applications on google app phones. They all are made as per preferences and trends as of today. 

At WEBALTERS, we build applications as per the needs of individuals and businesses. Not only do we have specific requests, but we provide custom made apps as per the preference of the users. We first understand the need for the app launch for the users and build up a plan in the form of a flow chart, discuss with users, design and code and system, and develop an app as per the needs. These custom made apps can then be made public by launching them on both Apple app store as well as google app store.

Triumph of any application is hugely determined on the app marketing strategy one implements. Many successful applications follow a sturdy marketing strategy from the beginning. For application development, it is not enough. WEBALTERS’s marketing strategy is entirely different and enables users to create a successful business by launching the application and making it public. The main advantage of us is that the team we have is truly a gem, and they have extensive experience in building applications. Our graphics team pours ideas which are eye-capturing and hence attracts the users at the very first go! We also, at the same time, guarantee about the applications we create that they shall work smoothly without any hassle.

Moreover, we only create applications for users and hand over the entire data but also provide the best after-sales services. If the businesses want us to handle their apps for periods, we have packages where we work on the contract. Here, it becomes our responsibility that the application should work efficiently at all times. If any user is facing an issue, we tend to solve it immediately. This package is mostly for MNCs where their businesses work primarily on applications. For small scale businesses, we have a similar package for lower rates. The main advantage of buying through us is that we offer the lowest prices in the market with the highest efficient application by the best technicians in town.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to become the most reputable IT company which carries leverage of creating the smoothest applications which are user-friendly and yet most effective! 

Our Mission:

We aim to provide innovative IT end-to-end solutions in the industry of app development. We aim to give satisfaction to our clients by serving them the most revolutionary apps by which they can maximize profits. If our customers grow, we grow.


  • Experienced and dedicated staff 
  • Microsoft Certified Partners
  • Google Partner
  • Diverse teams of highly qualified professionals
  • PMI-trained, PMP-certified Project Managers
  • Strong References
  • 24*7 support
  • One-stop-shop for all IT needs
  • Availability of Universal Ads campaign methods

Services provided at WEBALTERS:

1) App Marketing Strategy:

Building an app is not the only solution. Today, there are millions of applications in the market available for users to download for free. Why would the user use your apps? How would the user come to know about your apps? How would the user know as to how your app works? Will the user trust your applications? The answer to all these questions lies in how the apps are marketed.

There are steps to app marketing strategy, such as:

  • Researching the target market 
  • Performing competitor research
  • Creating a landing page which can sell the apps 
  • Making apps visible on the app store by promoting its title, description, icon and sharing screenshots
  • Creating virtual videos 
  • Starting a blog
  • Researching the audience on social media
  • Measuring app KPIs

All the above requires a professional who has the knowledge and experience to make people download your apps. WEBALTERS is a one-stop solution as we provide end-to-end services as merely making the application is not the end of the journey for us.

2) App Launch Services:

At WEBALTERS, we provide a complete solution for the app launch. Our market research team works on the strategy formation for the gathering of data as to where and how the app launch can be possible. 

After careful analysis, we launch the apps by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Defining the positioning statement
  • Defining the success criteria 
  • Preparing App Launch activities
  • Promoting the apps on various social media and events 
  • Identifying the key influences
  • Creating a Press coverage 
  • Optimizing product page description
  • Final launching the apps on all stores
  • Spreading the word

The process does not stop here. Once the product is out in the market, there are chances of receiving criticism on various things. Also, there are possibilities of multiple tools that are loved by clients. We are carefully studying them, helping the clients to add/edit applications, and timely bring better updates. The user can update the application easily from the respective app store. 

3) App Store Optimisation:

App store optimization is an essential service that we provide at WEBALTERS. Use this service, and the businesses can flourish more as the visibility of the application becomes more prominent on the app store. This way, the users can see the weightage of the app. This process gets apps high rank on the store and increases the user’s data of downloading the app. Further, there are many downloaders, the status of the application shall shoot, and in-turn makes the businesses more profitable. At WEBALTERS, we make your app one of the top-grossing apps, and this way, you shall earn better returns from the investment in creating the app.

4) Press Release and App Reviews:

Boost your brand and mobile app to the next level through marketing on a bigger platform such as reaching the media, blogs, forums, review websites, and social media channels.

At WEBALTERS, we brand the application on various platforms, which quickly helps to reach even the remotest audience and, in-turn, gaining competitive advantage. We create tailored content and market it on several social media platforms that are used by almost everyone.

We also have tie-ups with local newspapers and publications to promote applications that can help the businesses to be a better influencer. Once the target is created, we encourage the app hugely with the help of our experienced team members. Once the potential users start engaging, businesses begin making a profit.

5) Social Media Services:

Want to promote your apps and business on social media? We do it all. Our team has graduated in providing complete social media services where we help companies to improve goods and services online. We also help to encourage applications on social media. At WEBALTERS, we not only generate followers and get many likes but promote the content in such a way that creates an engagement between the users and ultimately reaching more audiences. This way, we help to generate an audience from domestic and international markets. We are well equipped with the knowledge and working of all the social media and know where and how to target the audience; this way, we can generate maximum engagement of users. The more the commitment, the better results for the company. We also create better content for sales by the use of graphic designing, which is eye-catching and irresistible for users. 

6) App Marketing DIY Kit:

At WEBALTERS, we also provide an App marketing DIY kit where the companies can themselves discuss as to how they are willing to market their product. The company instructs the place of marketing the method of marketing, and we help them to execute the plan. We understand that every company has its particular method, wish, and the location where they would want to market the app, we at our end help them by providing solutions. We also offer paid ad campaigns that can be of tremendous use when the businesses want to go ahead with the app marketing DIY kit. We combine paid ads, which ultimately lead to a better return on capital for companies.

Why choose us?

WEBALTERS is a one-stop solution for all your needs. As we provide various end-to-end services, the businesses will never have to approach different companies for different streams. At WEBALTERS, we possess Superior App Marketing Strategies along with sound and excellent execution of apps with the help of efficient project handling staff. 

 For all your needs, contact us to make better returns by developing an app!