YouTube is a top-notch video streaming site, where you can get everything you need. It has a massive video library consisting of more than 20 billion videos, every day millions of users visit YouTube to fulfill their streaming needs. However, despite having a massive video library in MP4 format, many users want to save the YouTube videos into an audio format to listen to music players, well that’s possible by converting YouTube videos to OGG format. Now you might be wondering what OGG is? Here, we will clear all your doubts about OGG and define the hook and nook of this format.

What is Ogg’s format?

YouTube uses the .mp4 extension file format and this extension is usually compatible with every existing device. However, MP4 is a video format, and watching videos is not possible everywhere such as while jogging, exercising and even driving, but the content available on YouTube is unique and not so easily available elsewhere. Consequently, yt to Ogg converter came as a solution for users.

Ogg Vorbis Compressed Audio File is an open-source format developed by the foundation in 1993. It is freely accessible and effortlessly editable without compromising the high-quality digital multimedia. The need for .ogg files emerges due to the hitches of Mp3 and mp4 files. Apart from that, this format includes compressed audio and video along with metadata but users prefer the audio layer of the format.

Why Convert YouTube to OGG Format?

OGG is a compact and open-source format that contains source code for video and audio files. By converting YouTube videos to Ogg format, you can listen to files on your music player. There are various formats available like MP3 and MP4 but the major issue with these formats is low audio quality.

In MP3 format sound quality has been compromised to reduce the file size also it has an in-built lossy algorithm. However, with MP4 format problems occur regularly as audio quality along with editing and movie-making is a complex task. Consequently, OGG came into the light along with benefits that you will find underneath;

  • As an open-source format, Ogg is entirely and forever free.
  • It supports 255 channels and allows encrypting of all the channels.
  • It provides sample rates from 6 kHz to 192 kHz.
  • The OGG format gives immense practice and advantages in watching movies and listening to concerts.

Detailed Comparison of Ogg and MP3 format

  • OGG is an updated and powerful format for conversion of YouTube videos into the audio format as compared to MP3. For example, the famous music streaming app Spotify uses the OGG format.
  • As compared to the MP3 format OGG has higher bit rates as the MP3 rate limit is 320 Kbps on the other side OGG can double this speed and can go 500 Kbps. For better quality, a speedy bit rate is mandatory.
  • With the same level of compression, OGG wins the race with great sound quality and provides less lossy audio.
  • Due to better compression, and continuous updates in format OGG files manage to provide improved quality due to the high bit rate.

How to convert YouTube videos to OGG?

A number of tools are available online that support the YouTube to OGG conversion. We have mentioned the top best used and loved YouTube to Ogg converters below;


YouTube to Ogg

You can easily perform YouTube to oog conversion to get the premium audio quality. No registration is needed to perform the task in this software. Moreover, there is no limit for conversion, you can change countless files into OGG format. You can access this tool anytime and anywhere and the process is extremely easy, just paste the YouTube url to Ogg conversion box and also you can choose the other formats before initiating the conversion process.

This YouTube to OGG Converter supports various formats such as AAC and FLAC also you get the option of choosing the bit rates. With this tool Mono-stereo conversion and vice-versa is thinkable and you don’t need to pay a penny for using the tremendous software. Catch video is the premium tool for YouTube to .ogg conversion task.


Another option for converting YouTube to Ogg files online, this freebie provides the finest quality of converted files, no compromised-on sound and quality also you can alter the bit rates. All you need to do is paste the URL into the field and select the format and you are good to go. Apart from this, you get unlimited converts into various formats.

Video Proc

It is a desktop tool, so you need to download it into your system and after installation, you can explore the amazing features of this software. This all-in-one converter tool allows users to edit, crop, and add graphics to the videos along with screen recording.

Conversion Process of YouTube video to OGG format

Conversion of YouTube to OGG is a cake-walk process. Even a novice user can initiate the task without much guidance, but we have described the steps to make it effortless as we know, not every user shares the same level of knowledge and skills. So, follow the below steps;

  • First, you need to find the URL of the particular video.
  • Now copy and paste the URL into the toolbar of the conversion tool page.
  • Additional features like fixing bit rates can be functional even after pasting the video URL.
  • Pressing the “Convert” button will start the conversion of the video from mp3 to Ogg format. It will take a few moments to transform the files.

How to play Ogg files?

You might be wondering; how can I play or use the OGG files? Well, OGG files are easy to use and supported by most devices such as Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, and Windows. Additionally, most browsers like Opera, Firefox, and Chrome are compatible with playing OGG files smoothly. But, Apple devices and iOS don’t support the OGG files.


The conversion of YouTube to OGG files is not complicated. However, we have covered every topic regarding YouTube mp3 to Ogg file conversion. The Ogg format is fast, easy, and less complicated and it covers the MP3 and MP4 drawbacks.