Black or dark is an addictive and most loving color that is introduced in applications in 2019 since then makers started to add dark mode on their applications. The introduction of dark themes in Android and iOS applications turned out to be a huge success as it’s easier on the eyes. Sooner or later every smartphone or application adopts a dark mode feature and now many apps offer dark mode optional or mandatory. However, apps like Snapchat doesn’t follow the trend initially, but now this photo-centric application launched the dark mode for iOS last year. Dark mode for Android will arrive soon. If you are fond of black mode and want to know how to get dark mode on Snapchat, dive into the underneath section.

What is Dark Mode?

The dark mode is a feature of the application that allows changing the color of the interface to dark color. In other words, it is a display setting that helps adjust color at the night and saves users from the brightness of the phone. This feature is helpful at night when users can work without straining their eyes or making it difficult to sleep.

How to Set Dark Mode on Snapchat – iPhone

Snapchat, the dominant picture messaging and chatting app is well known for regularly rolling out new features. Users are constantly tickled and entertained by the addition of these new features. The dark mode is the latest edition released in May 2021, so follow the underneath steps to enable Dark mode in iOS;

  • Open the Snapchat application and tap on the image icon from the top-left corner
Snapchat homepage
  • From the profile page, tap on the Settings icon from the top-right corner

Snapchat profile
  • Now from the Settings menu search for “App Appearance” and tap it to open

Snapchat dark mode
  • Next in the “App Appearance” menu, you will see three options tap on the “Always dark” and restart the application.
Webalters- Snapchat dark mode

Enable Dark Mode Automatically on iPhone

You can enable or disable the dark mode automatically on Snapchat on your iPhone device. As iOS allows users to adjust the dark theme automatically in the OS. The iPhone operating system will turn into a dark and light theme as per the timeframe, all you need to pick the Match system option from the Snapchat application from the menu, follow the underneath steps to enable this feature;

  • Open the Setting app on your iPhone.
  • Head to Display & Brightness menu.
  • Enable Automatic toggle and choose Options.
  • Choose the morning time for the iOS light theme and night time to enable the dark theme automatically.

Snapchat will change its theme every time the iOS dark theme goes in at night also it will return to the light theme in the morning.

How to Apply Dark Theme on Android Phone?

For Android users, the dark mode of Snapchat is not available yet. However, there is a way by which you can use the dark mode using the developer option “forced systemwide dark mode” feature. Well, it’s not perfect but better for damaging eyes from using the light mode. Before that, Activate Dark Mode across your entire device by tapping on Settings and then going to the Display menu. Follow the underneath steps to apply the dark mode Snapchat on Android;

  • First, open the Settings app and tap the “About Phone“section.
Snapchat dark mode
  • Next, tap on the “Software Information” and find the “Build Number” and tap it 5 times. Now you have enabled developer mode on your Android device.
how to get dark mode
  • Go back to the Settings page and scroll to the last “Developer options” and tap on it
snapchat dark mode
  • Now a bunch of options will be available select the “Force Dark Mode”. Now you have successfully enabled forced dark mode on your phone.

Enjoy Snapping in Dark Theme

Most users prefer to use Snapchat dark themes, especially at night as it doesn’t harm the eyes. However, Android users are unfortunate not to use this feature but soon the app will launch the dark mode for Android users. We have mentioned the possible way to use Snapchat in dark mode, you must try the given developer option method carefully.


Why should I use Snapchat dark mode?

Snapchat dark theme is not only the latest feature of this image-capturing platform but it is developed for the safety of the user’s eyes. When you use this app in low light or in dark mode, it will save you from eye strain.

Is Dark mode help extend battery life?

As compared to the light version, the black mode of Snapchat drains the battery at a slow speed, hence it uses fewer batteries that help extend the duration.

What if the appearance feature on Snapchat is not visible?

In case, you don’t have an appearance option on your Snapchat application, go to settings on android, Display, tap on Dark Mode, allow Developer Options, and tap on Force Dark Mode.