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The Internet has provided huge opportunities to businesses around the globe. This opportunity has been grabbed by almost everyone, which has increased the competition. New companies find it difficult to place themselves amongst the old giants in the market. As it is said, necessity is the cause of invention. To establish themselves, they have to think differently. This is where Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) comes into consideration. 

WebAlters is a leading Search Engine Optimization Provider company. Our main focus is on giving frequent results to our clients. We provide a comfortable working environment for our clients to understand each other better.

Organic SEO Service:

We strictly follow “White Hat” SEO that will allow your website to grow in rankings organically. We prefer not using “Black Hat” SEO which is in our consideration, a deceptive and misleading SEO. We offer an Organic SEO service in globe. When your website is ready, you want it to be viewed by a large number of people. We will place your website at the top of search results; this will increase the crowd engagement on your website. We have been providing constant results through our services.

On-Page SEO:

We are a result-oriented company. If you let us handle your website, we will ensure that a full audit is done on your website. Whether it is keyword inclusion or consent creation, we will make sure that you get the result possible. We will make sure that your website contains all On-Site parameters

These parameters will include:

  • Titles
  • Headings
  • Page Speeds
  • URL Structure
  • Schema, etc.

 We will make sure that your site is present at the top when searched on Google and other search engines. We have a hardworking team that is focused on giving you the best result. We offer these services at an affordable price, whether you belong to a small scale or large scale, you can avail our services. 

Keywords Research:

A keyword analysis is probably the most important part of Search Engine Optimization. It is really important to choose the perfect keywords. Keywords will define your target audience. If you are a small industry, your focus will be on reaching remote places, so it is important what keywords you are choosing for your website. We put special emphasis on getting your keywords right. We will analyze your keywords in a manner that it reaches the target audience. Our strategy in building keywords has proven fruitful in every aspect.

Off-page SEO: 

Off-page SEO is another important aspect of promoting your website. It involves other websites to link your content, blog, vlog or podcast. This involves proving your trustworthiness on other websites to deliver goods and services. This depends on the quality of your content. We, at WEBALTERS, ensure that your content is original and pleasing other websites to create your link. For obtaining a high-quality result, we focus on several methods. 

Our methods include:

  • Blog Commenting
  • Guest Posts on Popular Blogs
  • Question and Answering
  • Links building
  • Forums
  • Blog Submissions
  • Article Submissions
  • Promotion on social media 
  • Many More.


Competition is something that you will always have to face in business. There is no monopoly anymore. Therefore, it is always essential to keep an eye on your competitors. We, on your behalf, will keep a regular on your competitors. We will closely study their pattern and what they are doing to obtain leads. 

We will make sure that you only have to focus on delivering a quality service; we will take care of SEO because that is what we are best at. While nobody can guarantee a top spot in Search Engine results, these are just fake promises made by several SEO companies. We have a retention rate of more than 98% of clients which speaks for itself. 

Professional SEO Services:

When a company contacts a Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) Service for increasing the crowd engagement on their website, there is no guarantee of obtaining sales prepositions. The job of an SEO is to increase your presence on search engines which will increase the crowd visit on your site. There is no guarantee that the whole crowd will turn into customers, in fact, only a fraction of people will turn out to be purchasing. However, SEO does its best to provide a genuine viewership and engage them in your content. Keeping that in mind, WEBALTERS provides Professional SEO Service. This service will ensure that you get an excellent return for your investment by making constant and extra efforts to obtain a result.

SEO Marketing Expert:

  • There are several things that our SEO Marketing Expert provides in Professional SEO Services. These services include:
  • They will go through your website and examine what is and isn’t working to attract consumers to your website. They will make sure that every page of your website is giving you the expected result. This technique is known as a Technical SEO Audit.
  • They will extract the important keywords and prioritize them; this will help in reforming your content based on these keywords. This is called Keyword Analysis.
  • They will keep an eye on your competitors. They will track the key points of their lead generation. 
  • They will optimize your content to stick to the crowd when visiting your site. Higher quality content will have a better chance to convert a lead into a customer. 
  • They will make sure that your site’s link is generated on a reputed website. Having a link on high-quality websites will attract more leads and then the content is the king. 

Video Marketing:

Apart from these services, our Video Marketing Expert will make sure that is the presence of high-quality media. High-quality content will remain crucial but the inclusion of audio and video on your website will engage more visitors. We will help you create a masterpiece in a video. Viewers always look for something enjoyable on a website, something that can engage them. We will give them what they want. This will further increase your visitors and spend more time on your website. The more they stay, the better are the chances of them turning into customers.

Affordable SEO Services:

When a new company enters the frame of business, it will take some time to establish and earn profit but it will surely need proper marketing to do so. Search Engine Optimization offers great help to new as well as old companies to earn more leads and increase their sales. These SEO services come with a price, which many companies hesitate to invest in. It holds many companies back from reaching their full potential. We, at WebAlters, ensure that you don’t hold yourselves back to recognize your full potential. We provide an affordable SEO service that will make sure that your money is well invested in improving your quality time by time. 

Our affordable service will make sure that you are present in search engines by increasing your visibility and brand credibility. We help our clients connect, engage and build a sustainable relationship with their target customers. 

We focus on various points in providing our services:

  • We will increase the visibility of your website. We will make sure that your content is shown on the search engine rather than your competitor’s.
  • We will ensure that your content is ranked higher in the search engine. 
  • We will increase the traffic on your website organically by adding keywords that will make sure that the searchers land on your website.
  • We will help you raise your brand credibility by making sure that your unique content attracts more crowds and leaves satisfied.
  • By taking the responsibility of promoting you, we will help you in expanding your business.

Why do you need to choose Affordable SEO?

  • We will ensure you better rankings to improve your brand visibility.
  • We offer traffic engagement by organic searches, which is still a bigger reason for website visitors than traditional advertising services.
  • We pay special emphasis on compliance because whenever an update is placed by Google or any other search engine, changes are needed to be done on your site.
  • Updating your pages and content is essential to meet the requirements of changing the environment. We make a note of this and ensure that your page is updated regularly.

When you are looking around to save your pocket, you will find affordable SEO services. Cheap SEO services might look appealing in the first place but they won’t ensure the same quality as Affordable SEO services. We will make exaggerated promises but they often fail to deliver which is not the case with our services that neither exaggerate their promise nor fail to deliver. Your online reputation is important, which might be tampered by opting for our services. We will provide you crowd engagement but Affordable SEO service will ensure that the target audience is your crowd.

SEO Packages:

There are three packages in our Local SEO services:

Startup – It includes 5 keywords with a guarantee of 20%.

Growth – It includes 10 keywords with a guarantee of 25%.

Booster – It includes 20 keywords with a guarantee of 30%.

There are three packages in our Global SEO services:

Startup – It includes 15 keywords with a guarantee of 20%.

Growth – It includes 25 keywords with a guarantee of 25%.

Premium – It includes 40 keywords with a guarantee of 30%.

There are three packages in our Ecommerce SEO services:

Nano – It includes 30 keywords with a guarantee of 25%.

Enterprise – It includes 50 keywords with a guarantee of 30%.

Blast – It includes 100 keywords with a guarantee of 35%.