Web Development Company Services:

The motto of our business is “always deliver more than expected”. This way, we make our clients happy and try to provide all related services under one single roof. 

Here are a list of services we provide & a brief about all of them: 

Web Development: 

Anything that includes programming the data of a given website, web server configuration, client liaison, e-commerce development, adding content, programming data, preparation of flow charts, etc. are done by use in the head of web development. Even the simplest and the plainest task is taken by us and charged accordingly to serving the clients with the challenging task such as web-based applications, electronically running a business and much more. We also help companies to improve their social media pages and get more footfalls from all over the world & also increase the number of likes and followers on a page.

Custom Web Application:

We understand that every company needs a software application and other related IT work customized according to their business module. That is what differentiates them from others. We have an expert team who only looks into a custom web application and invests their time to completely understand what a company needs and then crafting the application to a specific need. Not only do we hand over the app, but we also provide the best after-sales service and regularly check the smoothness of the application. We offer a complete package according to the need of the company and promise to charge the best rate in the market.

Ecommerce Development:

We create modern interfaces with the help of our designers, which could bring you an online business concept to life. We use themes, eye-catching graphics, linocut concepts, animations, and much more, which could have potential customers believe that your products and services shall include carter to all their needs. This way, you can drive engagements, and foster growth with speed never imagined. Once the layout is developed, we boost your business to markets where the customers you need to visit the most. Once what we serve captures their eyes, we easily higher the sales. That is the technique uniquely followed by us.

Mobile Backend Development:

For a successful business, luxurious and efficient mobile backend development is necessary. However, it often becomes stressful while operating on the niche of the market. We, hence not only help businesses concentrate on their core product but help them develop high performing mobile applications that cater to all the features. We also build custom APIs which help to smooth run admin tools and also monitor apps. Various other products include push notifications, KPIs, analytical tools, configuration, surveys, app promotions, geolocation, etc. All the mobile backend needs are fully served to enhance your frontend business and boost sales. 

Enterprise App Development:

Our company concentrates on developing enterprise-level applications that require research, intensive knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and innovative approach. We develop applications on large scale innovative approaches for big and small businesses. Enterprise app development demand for more and need standards to set to take a company to an ultimately another level. We focus on such a process and also on security, efficient project management, coding standards, scalable infrastructure, and much more. We focus on saving our clients time and get them what they need by automating the process to improve productivity. Also, we focus on cutting the operation cost as we have highly dedicated developers who are highly qualified for their level of work. 

Drupal Development:

We serve various services under Drupal Development, such as drupal theming, drupal responsive design, drupal development, drupal strategy, drupal consulting, drupal migrants, and upgrades, Drupal support and maintenance, and much more. We thrive to un-match the level of service we provide by supporting and creating highly customized Drupal-based solutions for our clients. The designs created by us are most notable, modular, scalable, secure, high performing, and feature-rich. By this, we help our clients to realize likable experiences.

Laravel Development: 

Laravel framework has become the most popular PHP framework, which creates impressive web applications. The design, customization, and developing process at Laravel takes time, but the result is fantastic. We thrive to provide such quick and simple service with the help of our experts and provide various solutions, which include 360-degree development service.  

Intranet Development:

The expert team at WEBALTERS develop Intranet solutions which can be customized to meet various businesses and IT needs. The work provided by us helps the companies to grow and simultaneously secure information. The services we provide are the best in the market and easy to maintain as we come with a package which includes proper after-sales service. The rapid pre-build component helps us to deploy a solution, which can impact your business on a positive note and attract higher sales.

HTML 5 Web Development:

We provide all HTML 5 based web applications which are completely safe, secure, and sustainable. We construct applications in a way that can be easily maintained and scales in the future and are hassle-free. The projects we can take include business analysis, UX/UI design, project management, quality assurance, code developments, complete end-to-end development, etc. 

We cover the following un HTML 5 Web Development:

  • Cross-platform HTML5-based mobile solutions
  • In-house, front-end specialists including BAs, UX/UI & Designers
  • Agile HTML5 development methodology
  • Rigorous quality assurance (QA) testing before “Go-Live.”
  • Proven track record of successful HTML5 project delivery
  • Shorter development times translating to lower costs for customers

CMS Development:

Matching clients’ interface is all that CMS development revolves around. We create attractive websites using a content management system for the clients’ businesses. In CMS, the users can publish blogs; add a new page without any hassle & also without learning code. We maintain a website and create content for clients on CMS backed websites and provide a website which can be used by a layman. As CMS is database driven, it gives us the ability to develop and create useful features on sites. To name a few would include eCommerce capabilities, elements that can run on social media, and much more.

Net development: 

Offering NET presentation in front of the world was the bravest decision ever taken by us. We are expertise in various services under Net Development, which helps the user to find everything under one single head. We see much improvement happening in this area in the future & believe net development has the potential to change the way the world operates. 

The services we offer under net construction are: 

  • NET Product development, maintenance, and support
  • Customizing Microsoft NET-based third party products or solutions
  • Bespoke desktop and web application development
  • Data management solution development with reporting & analysis
  • Third-party system or tool integration and customization
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration, customization, and configuration

Custom PHP Web development:

PHP today is widely used & most preferred server-side language by wealthy website developers to make the application user friendly. PHP has a massive impact while delivering productive businesses that can then attract customers from all over the world and mark a benchmark on the products and services you provide. It improves sales drastically and shoots up the profits. We promise to serve our proficiency and deliver the best of the best services with the most efficient technology. 

The following are the services offered by us under custom PHP web development: 

  • PHP Application Development
  • Web Services Integration
  • Custom PHP Web Development
  • Custom PHP Programming
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • WordPress Template/Theme Development
  • Dynamic Website Development

Mobile app development: 

The key services we offer in the mobile app development are hybrid apps, android apps, iOS apps, UX, usability consulting, minimum viable products, etc. From building simple apps to hybrid applications, we serve everything. Our approach is in a way that we combine the right selection of design with usability techniques via technology stack. We identify end behavior, business objectives, and requirements and then, with the experience we possess in the field, work efficiently to deliver the best mobile application, which is easy to use and understand. For start-ups, we build MVPs and scalable applications and follow agile development to deliver class products, which shall be all in your budget.