Streaming Hulu on a Roku device can be an annoying thing if you don’t know the basics of both applications. A minor mistake can trigger the Hulu not working on Roku error or some loading and crashing problem. In case, you are facing the same issue and searching for solutions, we are here with effective methods that wiped out your concern regarding Hulu. In this guide, we will take you in-depth by describing every hook and nook of the issue.

Reasons why Hulu not opening on Roku?

The issue of Hulu not opening on a Roku device can arise due to several factors and even sometimes causes by the device or Hulu application. However, in some cases, the Hulu server triggers the problem that point you are not the only one who faced this issue but the whole Hulu community. Have a look at some of the possible reasons that might cause the issue.

  • The primary thing you need to examine is your internet connection. In most cases, the connection is the main culprit for triggering the issue on Hulu.
  • Check if the show you are watching has some broadcasting issue.
  • Possibly outdated Hulu application send the invitation to this error, so check if any update is available.
  • Chances are high that everything works fine but the Roku modem itself required an update
  • Check if the Roku modem is compatible with the Hulu application as this app upgrades itself for a better user experience

Workarounds for Hulu Not Working on Roku

Now we are aware of the causes of Hulu on Roku not working, let’s move to the workarounds that help you fix the issue. 

Examine Compatibility of Device

Primarily check the hardware part of the machine and see if your Roku device is compatible or if it is too old to match the functioning of the Hulu application. However, the chances are less as Hulu will remind users to update the device if it gets outdated. But if you are an old user and haven’t changed the modem, you might be the one who is facing the issue frequently. In this scenario, no fixing will work as you need to upgrade your device for non-stop access to Hulu content. Check out the list of Roku supported devices with the Hulu app;

  • Roku Express and Express+
  • 4K Roku TV
  • Premiere and Premiere+
  • Roku 3 and 4
  • Streaming Stick Roku (model 3500 or later)
  • Roku 2 (model 4210)
  • Ultra Roku
  • Roku TV

Check Hulu and Roku Servers

There is the case, where the user of the device might not be at fault and any solution won’t work except patience. Yes, many times problem causes due to Hulu and Roku servers, but this won’t take much time to resolve as the Hulu help center or Roku is capable of fixing the causes as soon as possible. Hence, whenever you face Hulu on Roku not working 2022 or won’t load, try to visit the third-party apps to check if the issue is triggering due to the server.

Check your Internet Connection

If the internet service is disabled in your region, not only Hulu but other streaming applications will stop working as an internet connection is all you need to do in the online world. In the absence of an active connection every app, device, and server will shut down completely. Hence, try to check your modem to fix the issue caused by the internet. You can take help from the underneath steps to check the status of the connection from your Roku

  • First open Settings
  • Now select the Network
  • Choose Check Connection
  • Now the modem will show you the strength of your internet signal as the Roku notices it

Also, you can reboot the modem for refreshing the settings, to do that, unplug the router and wait for 10 to 20 seconds and turn on the switch or the router and wait to few moments to reconnect with the internet network.

Update the Hulu App

Update issue could be connected with the Hulu application or as we discussed above Roku modem. In most cases, the outdated Hulu app becomes the reason for Hulu not working on the Roku tv issue. As Hulu update the application in regular interim and users might fail to update it regularly, consequently, an error occurs on the app. So, to update the application on Roku, choose the app and click on the “start button and check for the update option, if any update is available found install it immediately and restart the device after that.

Reinstall the Hulu App

If you don’t find any update next workaround will be reinstalling the application for better performance. Reinstalling the application will refresh the settings and clear all the cache that might cause the problem in the Hulu app.

Reset Hulu

This might be the last arrow in the bow, and the efficiency of this solution is nearly 95%, when above given solution won’t help you fix the issue try to reset the Hulu by following the underneath steps;

  • Open the Main Menu on Roku.
  • Now highlight the Hulu app.
  • Next, you will be required to press the (*) icon from your remote.
  • Now, choose the Remove Channel option.
  • Make a power cycle by turning off the TV for a couple of minutes.
  • Also, you are needed to open the Roku Channel Store and search for Hulu.
  • select the Add Channel option and now open the app.

Wrap Up

Most of the workarounds are easy to perform and even a novice user can follow the above-given guidance and can fix the Hulu not working on Roku error effortlessly. However, there are many issues that are out of control like server errors on Roku or Hulu. But this might stay for a short time span and it can last long for a few hours.